Liquid Insulating Materials

In this article, we will know about different liquid insulating materials. An ideal insulating liquid must have the following properties: High electric strength, impulse strength, and volume resistivity. Low dielectric dissipation factor. High or low dielectric constant (depending on application). High specific heat and thermal conductivity. Excellent chemical stability and gas-absorbing properties. Low viscosity, low-density, … Read more

Components of A Substation

The main components of a substation are Busbars Surge or Lightning Arresters Isolators or disconnecting switches Earth Switch Circuit Breaker Power Transformer Wave Trap Current Transformer Potential Transformer 1. Busbars It is a strip or bar of copper, brass or aluminium that conducts electricity within a switchboard of a substation. Its main purpose is to … Read more

Electrical Power Substations

Substation It is defined as the transmission and distribution network which receives electrical energy at a higher voltage and transfer to a consumer at low voltage. The points that should be kept in mind while setting Substations Substation should be located at a proper site as far as possible. Substation should be located at the … Read more

Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility

Everday we come across many electronic devices like radio, television, smartphone, computer, tablets, speakers, headphones, chargers, etc. All these devices are the source of radiated electromagnetic fields called radiated emissions. These radiated emissions are the accidental by-product of the device design. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) It is the degradation in performance of a device due to fields … Read more

Components of HVDC Transmission System

In the previous article, we learnt about HVDC Transmission System, its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the main components of HVDC Transmission System. The main components associated with HVDC system are as follows Converter Smoothing reactor Harmonic filters Reactive Power Supplies Electrodes DC lines AC Circuit Breaker 1. Converters They perform AC to … Read more

Comparison of Thyristor, MOSFET & IGBT Devices

  S.No. Characterisitics Thyristor MOSFET IGBT 1. Type of Device Minority carrier Majority carrier Minority carrier 2. Rating very high Voltage, very high Current Medium Voltage, high Current high Voltage, high Current 3. Switching frequency low very high (~ MHz) high (~ 100kHz) 4. On-state drop low higher (increasing) low 5. On-state losses low considerable less … Read more

Comparison of UPS

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is of three types. Offline UPS Offline preferred UPS Online UPS S.No. Parameters Offline UPS Offline Preferred UPS (Line interactive UPS) Online UPS 1. Type Sine wave or Quasi-sine wave sine wave sine wave 2. Voltage Mains/regulated voltage (±9%) Regulated voltage (±9%) Constant rated voltage 3. Frequency mains mains constant frequency … Read more

Data Transmission Media

The data is transmitted from one place to other through different mediums. All transmission system has two devices i.e. transmitting and receiving end devices. These two devices are connected through a medium. there are two types of transmission i.e. Baseband transmission Broadband transmission Baseband transmission When data are sent without modulation, usually over wires or … Read more

Sample and Hold Circuit Working

In this article, we will learn about Sample and Hold (S/H) Circuit. These circuits are used in Analog to Digital (ADC) conversion and Switched Capacitor filters. Sample and hold circuits are used to sample an analog signal and to store its value for some length of time (for digital code conversion). Function of Sample & Hold … Read more

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