Difference between Battery and Alternator

If you’re new to cars and wondering about the difference between battery and alternator, this is the guide you need. You see, both are related to a car’s electric system but they do different jobs. Let’s take a look at what they do in order to find answers to your questions regarding the two.

Difference between Battery and Alternator

The difference between battery and alternator is that a battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy whereas an alternator is an electrical machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Another difference between alternator and battery is that the alternator provides output as AC power whereas the battery provides output as DC power.

Battery Alternator
Input Electrical energy Mechanical energy
Intermediate energy Chemical energy Magnetic energy
Output Electrical energy Electrical energy
Output Nature DC power AC power
Chemical Reactions Yes No
Moving Parts No Yes
Energy Storage Battery stores potential energy in the chemical form The alternator doesn’t store any energy
Uses Used for DC loads Used for AC loads

What is a battery?

A battery is a device that produces electricity by converting chemical energy into electrical energy.

A battery converts chemical energy into electricity by electrolysis. A battery is an electrochemical device that converts energy from one form to another. This process is called an electrochemical reaction. The battery consists of two electrodes (anode and cathode), an electrolyte, and a separator. The chemical reactions taking place at the electrodes depend on the electrode material, the electrolyte concentration, and the voltage difference between the electrodes. A chemical reaction occurs when electrons are transferred from one atom or molecule to another atom or molecule through an external circuit that contains both electrons and ions. Electrodes are made of different materials depending on their voltage potentials: positive, negative, or mixed (both). The chemical reactions also depend on temperature, pressure, and other factors.

The battery is the most important part of your mobile device. Without a battery, you cannot use any mobile device. A battery is a special type of energy storage device used to store energy that can be used later on. The battery stores electrical energy produced by an external source, such as a solar panel or grid supply.

In short, a battery is like a small box that holds electric charges in it. This can be compared to how your house has batteries in it to store electricity for use when needed. The electricity stored in these batteries can be used to power any electronic device when the user plugs them into it.

What is an alternator?

An alternator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The output of the alternator is AC power. They are also called AC generators. The alternator is connected to the engine/turbine and turns at a high speed to produce electricity.

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