Comparison of UPS

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is of three types.

  1. Offline UPS
  2. Offline preferred UPS
  3. Online UPS
S.No. Parameters Offline UPS Offline Preferred UPS (Line interactive UPS) Online UPS
1. Type Sine wave or Quasi-sine wave sine wave sine wave
2. Voltage Mains/regulated voltage (±9%) Regulated voltage (±9%) Constant rated voltage
3. Frequency mains mains constant frequency (< ±1%)
4. Change Overtime ≅ 10ms 3-8 ms No interruption; continuous output
5. Power factor corrector circuit No (in general) Yes Yes
6. Power Rating upto few kVA upto few kVA several hundred kVA
7. Applications Domestic Use/low power low & medium power use sensitive/critical applications


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