Latches, Flip-Flops, and Timers MCQs

31. On a master-slave flip-flop, when is the master enabled?

  1. when the gate is HIGH
  2. when the gate is LOW
  3. both of the above
  4. neither of the above

Answer. a

32. When is a flip-flop said to be transparent?

  1. when you can see through the IC packaging
  2. when the Q output follows the input
  3. when the Q output is opposite the input
  4. None

Answer. b

33. How can the cross-coupled NAND flip-flop be made to have active-HIGH S-R inputs?

  1. Invert the S-R inputs.
  2. Invert the Q outputs.
  3. It can’t be done.
  4. None

Answer. a

34. One example of the use of an S-R flip-flop is as a(n):

  1. transition pulse generator
  2. binary storage register
  3. astable oscillator
  4. racer

Answer. b

35. Which of the following is correct for a gated D flip-flop?

  1. Q output follows the input D when the enable is HIGH.
  2. The output complement follows the input when enabled.
  3. Only one of the inputs can be HIGH at a time.
  4. The output toggles if one of the inputs is held HIGH.

Answer. a

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