Gears MCQ

81. When shafts are intersecting at 90°, then, which of the following gears are recommended for transmission of power?

  1. Spur gear
  2. Bevel gear
  3. Helical gear
  4. Tumbler gear
Answer. b

82. The motion transmitted between the teeth of two spur gears in mesh is generally

  1. Sliding
  2. Rolling
  3. Rotary
  4. Partly sliding and partly rolling
Answer. d

83. Which of the following is used in lathe to give desired direction or movement to the lathe carriage via lead screw of the feed shaft?

  1. Bull gear
  2. Change gear
  3. Mitre gear
  4. Tumbler gear
Answer. d

84. The contact ratio for gear is

  1. zero
  2. greater than one
  3. less than one
  4. none of the above
Answer. b

85. In lewis equation for bending stress, gear tooth is considered as

  1. Simply supported beam
  2. Cantilever beam
  3. Curved beam
  4. None of the above
Answer. b

86. A spur gear with pitch circle diameter D has number of teeth T. The module m is defined as

  1. m = T/D
  2. m = D/T
  3. m = DT
  4. m = πD/T
Answer. b

87. The path of contact in involute gears is

  1. along an involute
  2. along a straight line
  3. along the basic circle
  4. along the pitch circle
Answer. b

88. The ratio of circular pitch and the module is

  1. π
  2. 1/π
  3. π2
  4. 1/π2
Answer. a

89. The curve traced by a point on straight line which rolls without slipping on a circle, is called

  1. Hypocycloid
  2. Involute
  3. Epicycloids
  4. Cycloid
Answer. b

90. Which of the following sentence is correct?

  1. Pressure angle is constant in involute profile throughout the engagement
  2. Pressure angle varies from maximum at the beginning of engagement, reduces to zero at the pitch point and again increases to maximum at the end of engagement in cycloidal profile
  3. Involute teeth are easy to manufacture and thus are cheaper
  4. There is no phenomena of interference in cycloidal profile
  5. all of the above
Answer. e

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