Gears MCQ

41. Which of the following statement INCORRECT about the contact ratio?

  1. Directly proportional to the length of arc of contact
  2. Directly proportional to the module.
  3. Inversely proportional to the circular pitch.
  4. Inversely proportional to the module.
Answer. b

42. The circular pitch of a toothed wheel having 24 teeth and module of 4.25 mm will be

  1. 6.67 mm
  2. 4.25 mm
  3. 13.357 mm
  4. 8.50 mm
Answer. c

43. The gear ratio is defined as the ratio of

  1. number of teeth on gear to that on pinion
  2. number of teeth on pinion to that on gear
  3. number of teeth on gear to the diameter of gear profile
  4. none of these
Answer. a

44. Bevel gears are used to transmit rotary motion between two shafts whose axes are

  1. perpendicular
  2. parallel
  3. non-intersecting
  4. non-coplanar
Answer. a

45. The profile of gears having circular pitch of 52 mm and length of are of contact is 80 mm. Determine the module (mm) and contact ratio of the gear profile?

  1. 16.55 and 2.0
  2. 2.0 and 16.55
  3. 16.55 and 1.54
  4. 1.54 and 16.55
Answer. c

46. A differential gear in an automobile is a

  1. simple gear train
  2. epicyclic gear train
  3. compound gear train
  4. speed reducer
Answer. b

47. Which of the following statement is TRUE about the contact ratio?

  1. Varies directly to the length of the arc of
  2. Inversely proportional to the module
  3. Inversely proportional to the circular pitch
  4. All options are correct
Answer. d

48. Helical gears have their teeth

  1. inclined to wheel rim
  2. straight over the wheel rim
  3. curved over the wheel rim
  4. cut on the surfaces of the frusta of cones
Answer. a

49. What is the radial distance of a tooth from the pitch circle to the top of the tooth known as?

  1. Dedendum
  2. Addendum
  3. Pitch circle diameter
  4. Module
Answer. b

50. Rack and pinion arrangement is used for

  1. Linear motion to rotary motion
  2. Rotary motion to rotary motion
  3. Linear to linear motion
  4. Rotary to linear motion
Answer. d