Smoke detector vs Fire alarm

A fire in a home is uncommon. But if it occurs, it can cause heavy destruction and loss of life. There are many causes due to which a fire can break in a home/building. Some major causes are short-circuiting fault, careless smoking, electrical appliance failure, candles, cooking equipment failure. If it occurs in the building, it can result in building destruction and loss of life also.

Many times, fire is undetectable until someone understands the event, time is already passed to take necessary steps. Hence there is a need to install necessary devices such as smoke detectors and fire alarms to alert people in the event of a fire outbreak. There is a difference between smoke detectors and fire alarms. Let us see the basic difference between the two.

Difference between smoke detectors and fire alarms

A smoke detector is a device that detects the presence of smoke and triggers an alarm where it is installed whereas a fire alarm is triggered by the smoke detector, creating a warning alarm to the entire place. Let us understand with the help of an example.

Smoke detectors are installed in each room of a home. Suppose a fire occurs in one room (on the second floor) of a home. The smoke detector installed in the room triggers an alarm attached to it. Ground floor and first-floor person may or may not hear the alarm depending upon the building construction. But in case, a fire alarm is installed in the building, the smoke detector present in the suffering room will trigger the fire alarm and sounds an alarm in the entire building. Hence fire alarm generates a warning “there is a fire in the home”. This will alert all the people living in the building.

Smoke detectors are sufficient in the case of smaller homes whereas fire alarms are necessary devices to be installed in big buildings like apartments, estates, larger homes, etc. so as to alert every person about the fire. Either of the two devices acts as the first line of defence against home fires.

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