IoT Projects for Beginners

Our smartphones, desktops, and PCs were connected to the internet for a long time. Nowadays, we hear about our regular devices being connected on the network. This has been made possible by IoT.  So what is this IoT or internet of things that we listen to every day and everywhere? In this article, we will also see several IoT projects for beginners.

In simple terms, the Internet of things is the term used for devices that generally cannot be connected to the internet, however, they now are connected and contribute to the network without any human interaction (human-human or human-computer). For this reason, laptops or PCs are not classified as an IoT device but smartwatches, smart alarm clocks, etc. can be. Scope of IoT doesn’t just limit the devices to connect to the network but also contribute, process and analyze data sent over to the data centre while running the application.

These hundreds of billions of devices now analyze data which transforms our world in countless ways every day and has become an intelligent system of systems.

All these words might make one feel that the IoT is a difficult concept to implement. In reality, the Internet of things can be integrated with our everyday life. We don’t need to be a genius or necessarily be an expert on this topic to learn how to integrate IoT in our lives. Simple IoT based devices are made of sensors and actuators which communicate with each other across systems making them easy to design.

Simple IoT Projects for Beginners

Taking in mind the enhancing interest in the field and the world of DIYs here are some simple, beginner IoT projects anyone can try.

LED on/off – The most basic and effortless project is controlling an LED light automatically. We can manage how long the LED stays on or off. This can be used for visual effect, signal danger, operation theatre, advertisement hoardings.

Traffic system project – This project works as an automated traffic signalling system. Derived from the basic LED signalling project, here, we automate the time after which each LED blinks. To better the project a proximity sensor can be used. With the help of the data given by this sensor, we can control the working of the LIGHTS SIGNAL. If a car is present then the signal works as usual. However, if no car is present then the signal is set to RED, thus reducing the waiting time at the crossroads signals.

Weather monitoring system – This simple project requires sensors like humidity and temperature sensors. These measure the rain, humidity and temperature thus giving the real-time status of the weather.

Water tank level project – With sensors fitted to our regular water tank, our smart water tank can give us real-time data about the level to which the tank is filled. It can alert the user if the tank is getting empty or filled thus no wastage of water occurs.

Street lights/Outdoor lights – This project helps in saving electricity as when no one is present on the streets or outside the house, these smart lights are turned off. As soon the infrared sensor senses an object, the lights turn on. With a delay of a couple of seconds, they turn off again if no object is present.

Smart wheelchairs – Attach the required sensors to a regular wheelchair, and voila, we have our smart wheelchair ready. This wheelchair not only senses if there is an obstacle ahead, but it also monitors the health of the patient. In case any irregularities are noted, it informs the responsible party.

Smart parking system – With our cities getting crowded, finding a parking space is an everyday hustle. This system uses sensors to check for any free parking spots and lets the user into the parking space only if available.

It is no surprise that incorporating IoT in our everyday devices has made our life easier. Along with all these uses, IoT inside our home has made life easier, comfortable and a lot safer.

Fire detection system – In case of fires, with the help of smoke detectors, the user is notified, and additionally so are the authorities for immediate action before it’s too late. This project can save valuables but also ensure that no loss of life would occur.

Gas detection system – Gas leaks are frequent and highly injurious to health. With gas sensors in our home, we can monitor the gas levels, notify the responsible parties in case of gas leaks and thus ensure our safety.

Soil moisture detection and control – If you tend to forget watering your plants, this is the best solution for you. With this project, the sensors feed data onto smartphones when the soil moisture is getting too dry. You can also program the sprinklers to automatically switch on when the moisture level is low and switch off when adequate. So without even moving from your seat, you can enjoy a beautiful garden with no everyday maintenance.

Smart garage doors – With everything inside our house getting smarter, why shouldn’t our garage door get smarter too. These doors not only reduce human efforts but also provide the security much needed. The doors open every time they sense an object and notify the homeowner every time.

These IoT projects for beginners described some rudimentary projects one makes without lots of resources and efforts and yet make our lives comfortable. What are you waiting for? Try these out now!


Shriya Upasani
MIT World Peace University



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