How to trim trees yourself?

Have you ever had to trim a tree branch? Some people do keep this to possums out of their trees. But most of the time the trimming is necessary when the tree branches are touching the electrical line, or you just want to get more sunlight onto your backyard. Well, this article is about how to trim trees yourself. Let’s begin.

How to trim trees yourself

The easiest way to Trim trees

Now, as you are going to do some tree trimming, let’s dive deep into it. There is a difference between trimming and pruning. Pruning is when you want to prune back some of those unhealthy branches or shrubs so that the tree or shrub is growing a lot healthier than what it is meant to be.

But when it comes to trimming, it is just to keep a form or shape, or you wish to keep the tree from blocking out sunlight onto your garden.

So to do your trimming, you can use a tree lopper, or a hand prune saw, or you can use a power tool, especially a gas pole saw. For the best gas pole saw, please have a look at this website,

The easiest way to Trim trees

Tree trimming with a tree lopper

Now the thing you would surely like about these loppers is, they can cut up to one and a half-inch branches pretty easily. The remarkable thing about them is that they actually extend, so if you need to get a little bit higher into those branches, these tools can stretch a little bit more.

All right, so while trimming with a lopper, try to get to the ones that are a lot more easily accessible without making a huge mess. Stop cutting out more pieces than you need. If you are up on a ladder and using your loppers and cutting down everything, it’s surely going to create a big mess, hampering tree growth. With the extended handle, it makes it a lot easier just to get to most of the small size branches.

If you are trimming a mature tree, you would surely notice that some of these branches hanging were weighing down some of the other branches that are kind of a good thing because it gives you easier access to cut.

Tree trimming with a prune saw

The branch has a little swollen spot, and this is called the branch collar. You want to leave that branch collar on the tree so it can heal properly. While cutting a big tree branch with a prune saw, try your best to avoid cutting the branch collar. A pruning saw is kind of like a regular saw, but there is a slight bend on its body. It will give you a better grip on your branches.

Every branch has a branch-collar. If you have ever trimmed any tree branches, you can see that gradually with time the branch-collar does the healing. If you take that branch collar off, it’s gonna just rot out there.

Therefore, you don’t want to do that to your trees. Don’t worry about the outer appearance of the tree. If you follow the correct procedure, it will just disappear, and the tree will be healthy. Anybody can do this, and it doesn’t take very long.

Trimming tree with a pole saw

All right, that’s pretty much going to do it, about the tree trimming. But to use a lopper, you would need a ladder, and it’s limited to only cutting small-sized branches. If you use a prune saw to reach high branches, you will have to get a bigger ladder or climb the tree.

Isn’t there any better and safer option! Yes, there is; you can always rely on a pole saw. There are manual, battery-powered, gas-powered versions of pole saws available on the market. This tool will give you the mobility and flexibility to cut high branches from staying on the ground, no need to climb a tree or a ladder for trimming anymore.

Describing a pole saw, it has a long pole with a saw blade attached to one end. In a battery-powered pole saw, you can easily activate the blade by just pushing a trigger. It’s a powerful cutting tool. You can quickly get a clean and smooth trimming finish with this tool.

Best trimming time of the year

Winter is the best time for trimming down trees. You don’t want to do any tree trimming in summer or spring, and it’s going to be healthier for the tree. During springtime, the tree is going to produce more growth on it, but if you trim branches during the summer or spring, it’s going to be more susceptible to any infections or anything of that nature. Winter and Falls is the best time you can trim or prune any other tree branches.

Do your trimming during winter, and you are going to be satisfied with that until springtime comes. I would also suggest you do some light pruning, nothing heavy.

Final words

If you have a proper idea of how to trim trees yourself,  then you can surely save a lot of money on hiring professionals. Just a light winter trim on your trees will eventually last till the summer. Properly-shaped trees will enhance the beautiful aspects of your garden and its surroundings.

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