Smoke detector vs Smoke alarm

People often confuse between the two terms i.e. smoke detector and smoke alarm. It is very important to install these devices in a house/building to protect from an unexpected event of a fire. The confusion between the two is obvious. These might sound similar but there is a difference between them. Let us what is the difference between smoke detector and smoke alarm.

Difference between smoke detector and smoke alarm

A smoke detector is a device that has only in-built sensor to detect the presence of smoke whereas a smoke alarm is a device that comprises of smoke detection sensor, audible sounder, and power supply. The power supply can be a normal battery or electrical mains supply.

A smoke alarm contains a sensor, audible sounder and power supply. It is a single or multiple-station smoke-sensing device. It is a standalone device. It is generally installed in the house.

A smoke detector contains only a sensor. It requires an external sounder and power source to create an alarm. It is generally connected to the fire alarm system. The smoke detector sends a signal to the fire alarm system in the presence of smoke/fire. Hence the fire alarm system creates a warning sound throughout the building. It is generally installed in industrial and commercial applications such as hospitals, hotels, etc.

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