Notches MCQ – Fluid Mechanics

21. Low discharges are effectively measured by

  1. Rectangular notch
  2. Stepped notch
  3. Trapezoidal notch
  4. Triangular notch
Answer. d

22. The ratio of the percentage error in the discharge and percentage error in the measurement of head over a triangular notch is

  1. 2/3
  2. 2/5
  3. 5/2
  4. 3/2
Answer. c

23. A triangular notch is preferred to a rectangular notch because

  1. only one reading is required
  2. its formula is simple to remember
  3. it gives more accurate results for low discharge
  4. it measures a wide range of flows accurately
  5. all of the above options
Answer. e

24. If the coefficient of discharge is 0.6, then the discharge over a right angled notch is

  1. 1.417 H5/2
  2. 0.417 H5/2
  3. 7.141 H5/2
  4. 4.171 H5/2
Answer. a

25. The discharged over a triangular notch depends on the central angle of the notch, head over the notch, acceleration due to gravity and kinematics viscosity of the fluid. The number of non-dimensional terms formed for the phenomenon is

  1. 4
  2. 3
  3. 2
  4. 1
Answer. d

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