Extended Kalman Filter – Algorithm & Applications

In the previous article, we had learned about Kalman filter. As Kalman filter assumes linear system but finds greatest applications in non-linear systems. Kalman filter assumes an approximate solution, describe the deviations from the reference by linear equations. Kalman filter has issues of divergence also. When the error covariance matrix Pk computed by the Kalman filter … Read more

Kalman Filter | Algorithm & Applications

The Kalman filter is a recursive state space model based estimation algorithm. In other words, it is an optimal recursive data processing algorithm. Kalman filter is also called as the Predictor-Corrector algorithm. This filter is named after Rudolph E. Kalman, who in 1960 published his famous paper describing a recursive solution to the discrete data … Read more

Servomechanism | Servomotor & Applications

Servomechanism It is a feedback control system in which a controlled variable or the output is a mechanical position or its time derivatives like velocity and acceleration. Servomotors have two main classifications based on servomechanism i.e. 1. DC Servomotors Armature controlled DC motor Field Controlled DC motor 2. AC Servomotors 1. DC Servomotors DC ServoMotor … Read more

Signal Flow Graph

In case of block diagram reduction diagram, there is no standard procedure for reducing the block diagram to evaluate its transfer function. Also, the block diagram reduction technique is tedious and is difficult to choose the rules to be applied for reduction. In order to avoid such problems, the block diagram is converted to signal … Read more

State Space Representation of a System

The control system analysis fails for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems and the systems initially not at rest by using transfer function approach. The use of the state-space approach for the analysis of control systems enables to overcome the shortcomings of the transfer function approach. State The state of a dynamic system is the smallest state of variables … Read more

Mechanical Electrical Analogy

Mechanical Electrical Analogy The concept of an analogous system is very useful in practice. Since one type of system may be easier to handle experimentally than other. A given electrical system consisting of resistance, inductance and capacitance may be analogous to the mechanical system consisting of a suitable combination of dashpot, mass, and spring. Analogous System … Read more

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