Mechanical Electrical Analogy

Mechanical Electrical Analogy

The concept of an analogous system is very useful in practice. Since one type of system may be easier to handle experimentally than other. A given electrical system consisting of resistance, inductance and capacitance may be analogous to the mechanical system consisting of a suitable combination of dashpot, mass, and spring.

Analogous System

Mechanical Translation Mechanical Rotational Force-Voltage Analogy (FVA) Force-Current Analogy (FCA)
Force (F) Torque (T) Voltage (V) Current (I)
Mass (M) Moment of Inertia (J) Inductance (L) Capacitance (C)
Damper (B) Damper (D) Resistance (R) 1/R
Spring Constant (k) Torsional Spring Constant (kθ) 1/C 1/L
Linear Displacement (x) Angular Displacement (θ) Charge (q) flux (Φ)
Linear Velocity (v) Angular Velocity (ω) Current (I) Voltage (V)
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