Underground Cable MCQ

31. Property of absorbing moisture from the atmosphere is

  1. Solubility
  2. Viscosity
  3. Porosity
  4. Hygroscopicity

Answer. d

32. In terms of cost, the overhead transmission line is better than underground transmission line in the field of

  1. Insulation
  2. Right of way
  3. Visibility
  4. None of these

Answer. a

33. The material commonly used for sheaths of underground cable is

  1. Lead
  2. Steel
  3. Rubber
  4. Copper

Answer. a

34. The capacitance measured between any two cores of a 3-core cable with sheath earthed is 3 μF. The capacitance per phase will be

  1. 1.5 μF
  2. 6 μF
  3. 1 μF
  4. None of the above

Answer. b

35. The small pockets of air in the high voltage cable provide _____ relative permittivity, ______ electric field and at these sites breakdown is likely to be initiated.

  1. High, high
  2. Low, low
  3. Low, high
  4. High, low

Answer. c

36. The leakage resistance of a 50 km long cable is 1 Mohm. For a 100 km long cable it will be

  1. 0.5 Mohm
  2. 2 Mohm
  3. 0.66 Mohm
  4. None of these

Answer. a

37. Power distribution by cable  is generally adopted for line length

  1. Less than 10 km
  2. Above 10 km
  3. Less than 50 km
  4. Above 50 km

Answer. a

38. In a 60 km underground power transmission system, the best transmission system is

  1. Single-phase ac system
  2. Three-phase ac system
  3. High voltage ac voltage system
  4. DC transmission system

Answer. d

39. Least number of faults occur in

  1. Transmission lines
  2. Cables
  3. Switchgears
  4. Transformers

Answer. b

40. A.C.S.R. conductor having 7 steel strands surrounded by 25 aluminium conductors will be specified as

  1. 25/7
  2. 7/25
  3. 50/15
  4. 15/50

Answer. a

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