Underground Cable MCQ

21. Insulation resistance of a cable ________ with increase in temperature and _________ with increase in length.

  1. Increase, increase
  2. Increase, decreases
  3. Decreases, decreases
  4. Decreases, increases

Answer. c

22. In an insulated cable having core diameter d and overall diameter D, the ratio of maximum to minimum dielectric stress is given by

  1. (D/d)½
  2. (D/d)2
  3. (D/d)
  4. (d/D)

Answer. c

23. The supplier shall provide and maintain for the consumer’s use a suitable earthed terminal in an accessible position at or near the point of commencement of supply. Which IE rule states that?

  1. IE 33
  2. IE 61
  3. IE 67
  4. IE 88

Answer. a

24. Talking about the cable insulating materials, the temperature and voltage resisting capacity is the least in the case of

  1. VIR
  2. Gutta percha
  3. Rubber 
  4. PVC

Answer. b

25. A cable has an inductance of 0.2 mH per kilometre and capacitance of 0.202 μF per kilometre.The surge impedance of the cable is

  1. 50 ohm
  2. 42 ohm
  3. 33 ohm
  4. 28 ohm

Answer. c

26. What is the voltage rating of extra high tension underground cable?

  1. 33 KV to 66 KV
  2. 22 KV to 33 KV
  3. 11 KV
  4. 132 KV

Answer. a

27. In underground cables which components have high insulating properties but absorbs moisture.

  1. Polyvinyl chloride
  2. Conductor
  3. Vulcanized rubber
  4. Cross linked polyethylene

Answer. c

28. Which among the following cable are generally suited for the voltage up to 11 kV?

  1. Belted cables
  2. Screened cables
  3. Pressure cables
  4. None of these

Answer. a

29. In the case of three core flexible cable the colour of the neutral is

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Brown
  4. Green

Answer. b

30. Conduit pipes are normally used to protect ________ cables. 

  1. Unsheathed cables
  2. Armoured
  3. PVC sheathed cables
  4. All of these

Answer. a

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