Oscillator MCQs

41. The basic hartley oscillator uses

  1. one inductor and two capacitors
  2. a centre tapped inductor and a capacitor
  3. two capacitor
  4. tickler coil

Answer. b

42. The primary advantage of a crystal oscillator is

  1. It can oscillate at any frequency
  2. It gives a high output voltage
  3. Its frequency of oscillation remains almost constant
  4. It operates on a very low dc supply voltage

Answer. c

43. Feedback factor at the frequency of oscillation of a Wien bridge oscillator is

  1. 3
  2. \frac{1}{3}
  3. \frac{1}{29}
  4. \frac{3}{29}

Answer. b

44. The required gains of the amplifier for sustain oscillations in Wien bridge oscillator are

  1. |A| = 3, |B| = 1/3
  2. |A| = 2, |B| = 1/3
  3. |A| = 3, |B| = 1/2
  4. |A| = 1, |B| = 1

Answer. a

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