Noise Pollution MCQ – Environmental Engineering

51. The intensity of sound wave combined with reception characteristics of ear is known as

  1. Frequency
  2. Wavelength
  3. Loudness
  4. Amplitude
Answer. c

52. Tinnitus is due to

  1. Air pollution
  2. Light pollution
  3. Water pollution
  4. Sound pollution
Answer. d

53. The energy transmitted by a sound wave in the direction of its propagation is called

  1. Power of sound
  2. Intensity of sound
  3. Frequency of sound
  4. Period of sound
Answer. a

54. What will be the resultant decibel level when there are 4 sources making noise of equal levels?

  1. Decibel level will increase by 4 decibels.
  2. Decibel levels will remain the same
  3. Decibel level will increase by 8 decibels
  4. Decibel level will increase by 6 decibels
Answer. d

55. Under residential use zone, identify the accessory use which is NOT permissible.

  1. Local shopping
  2. Godown
  3. Nursery School
  4. Hostels
Answer. b

56. Name the instrument used for acoustics measurement.

  1. Sound Level Meter
  2. Flame Photometer
  3. Ultrasonic Meter
  4. Planimeter
Answer. a

57. The frequency of sound is measured by the unit

  1. Decibel
  2. Hertz
  3. Dobson
  4. Pascal
Answer. b

58. What is the ambient air quality standards with respect to noise in industrial area during day time?

  1. 75 dB
  2. 70 dB
  3. 50 dB
  4. 55 dB
Answer. a

59. An acceptable noise level for residential and business areas as per IS: 4594: 1968 is

  1. 25-35 dB
  2. 40-50 dB
  3. 50-60 dB
  4. 70-80 dB
Answer. b

60. 10 decibel (dB) increase in sound level will increase the loudness of sound by

  1. 5 times
  2. 2 times
  3. 10 times
  4. none of the above
Answer. c

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