Voltmeter MCQ

41. A generating voltmeter uses

  1. A constant speed motor
  2. A variable-speed motor
  3. A variable-speed motor with a capacitor
  4. None of these
Answer. a

42. Voltmeter is a galvanometer with

  1. High resistance
  2. Low resistance
  3. Both low and high resistance
  4. Uncertain resistance
Answer. a

43. What should be observed when connecting a voltmeter into a DC circuit?

  1. RMS
  2. Resistance
  3. Polarity
  4. Power factor
Answer. c

44. Which of the following is an appropriate use for a voltmeter?

  1. The measurement of the difference of potential
  2. The measurement of electric current flow
  3. The determination of total resistance
  4. The determination of power output
Answer. a

45. What is the unit of measure for electrical pressure or electromotive force?

  1. Amperes (A)
  2. Ohm
  3. Volt (V)
  4. Watt (W)
Answer. c

46. A voltmeter with a broadband width has

  1. High noise level and high sensitivity
  2. Low noise level and low sensitivity
  3. Low noise level and high sensitivity
  4. High noise level and low sensitivity
Answer. d

47. Voltmeter has

  1. Low resistance
  2. High resistance
  3. Infinite resistance
  4. Zero resistance
Answer. b

48. The energy provided by ideal voltage source when the load is open circuit

  1. zero
  2. infinite
  3. unity
  4. not specific
Answer. a

49. For increasing the range of voltmeter, connect a

  1. low value resistance in series with voltmeter
  2. high value resistance in parallel with voltmeter
  3. high value resistance in series with voltmeter
  4. low value resistance in parallel with voltmeter
Answer. c

50. A 0-15 V voltmeter has a resistance of 1000 Ω, if it is desired to expand its range to 0-150 V. A resistance of ______ is connected in series with it.

  1. 3 kΩ
  2. 5 kΩ
  3. 9 kΩ
  4. 2 kΩ
Answer. c
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