Tunnel Engineering MCQ

21. Which one of the following shapes is suitable for the construction of tunnel in non-cohesive soils?

  1. Horse-shoe
  2. Rectangular
  3. Circular
  4. Egg-shaped
Answer. c

22. NATM method of tunneling is suitable for

  1. Subway construction.
  2. Abnormal geological conditions
  3. Soils at medium of shallow depth.
  4. Tunneling large sections in very difficult ground
  1. i and ii only
  2. ii and iv only
  3. i, ii and iv only
  4. i, ii, iii and iv only
Answer. d

23. The tunnels that are made to shortcut minor local obstacles are called

  1. Spiral tunnels
  2. Short tunnels
  3. Off-spur tunnels
  4. Saddle tunnels
Answer. c

24. The amount of fresh air required to maintain ventilation for workers inside the tunnel should be

  1. 1 – 5 m3/minute
  2. 6 – 14 m3/minute
  3. 20 – 30 m3/minute
  4. 30 – 50 m3/minute
Answer. b

25. Which of the following is a serious health issue in case of workers involved in tunneling operations?

  1. Deafness
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Jaundice
  4. Silicosis
Answer. d

26. If ‘D’ is a diameter of tunnel in meters, then the thickness of lining in mm as per the empirical formula is given by

  1. 82 D
  2. 72 D
  3. 92 D
  4. 102 D
Answer. a

27. To attain the required shape of the tunnel we use

  1. Chisels
  2. Cut holes
  3. Trimmers
  4. Easers
Answer. c

28. Which one of the following tunneling methods is used for laying underground sewers?

  1. Needle beam method
  2. German method
  3. English method
  4. Army method
Answer. d

29. Pick up the explosive used for tunneling in soft rocks from the following

  1. Blasting gelatine
  2. Special gelatine
  3. Ammonia dynamite
  4. Semi-gelatine
Answer. c

30. The length of the needle beam used in the needle beam method of tunneling is usually

  1. 2 m to 4 m
  2. 1.5 m to 4.5 m
  3. 5 m to 6 m
  4. 6 m to 7 m
Answer. c
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