Maxwell’s Right Hand Grip Rule And Right Handed Cork Screw Rule

When the current flows to the conductor, a magnetic field is produced around it. The nature of magnetic field around a straight current carrying conductor is like concentric circles. The center of these concentric circle is axis of the current carrying conductor. The direction of these circular magnetic lines is dependent upon the direction of flow of current. Also, the density (magnitude) of magnetic field lines is directly proportional to the magnitude of current.
The Direction of the circular magnetic field lines are given by Maxwell’s right hand grip rule. It can also be find using Right handed cork screw rule.

Maxwell’s Right Hand Grip Rule

Suppose that the current carrying conductor is held in the right hand and the fingers are wrapped around the conductor and the thumb is stretched in the direction of current flow (as shown below in the figure). Then wrapped fingers will give the direction of circular magnetic field lines.



Right Handed Cork Screw Rule

Suppose a screw is placed in the direction of conductor current flow. Now the screw is rotated in such a manner that it moves in the direction of the current flow, then direction of magnetic field is in the same direction of rotation of the screw.


Q1. State Maxwell’s Right Hand Grip Rule.
Q2. State Right Handed Cork Screw Rule.
Q3. Are Maxwell’s Right Hand Grip Rule And Right Handed Cork Screw Rule same?Justify.
Q4. Why Maxwell’s Right Hand Grip Rule is used?

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