Magnetic Anisotropy

In single crystal material such as iron, the magnetic properties of a material depend on the direction in which they are measured. This property of the magnetic material is called as Magnetic Anisotropy.

There are three methods to induce Magnetic Anisotropy

  1. Cold Working
  2. Magnetic Annealing
  3. Magnetic Quenching

1. Cold Working

such as cold rolling induced the uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in the direction of rolling.

2. Magnetic Annealing

In this process, heat treatment is done in the presence of a magnetic field in order to induce magnetic anisotropy.

3. Magnetic Quenching

In this process, the material is called down to Curie temperature in the presence of magnetic field. The magnetic quenching induces the magnetic anisotropy either in the direction of field or perpendicular to the field.

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