Practical Preparation Tips to get high Marks in GATE EC Examination

GATE EC exam is one of the highly sought examinations for Engineering students in India. The Graduate Aptitude Test (GATE) EC is an online aptitude test conducted for engineering students with a graduation degree in Electronics and Communication Degrees. The candidates who successfully clear the GATE EC Examination can make their way into leading PSUs like BHEL, HPCL, etc, or get admission into top IITs for the Master’s Program. However, the GATE EC examination is considered one of the toughest examinations in India. Owing to the same, it becomes really important to score higher in the GATE EC examination to secure a seat. Hence, in this article, we will be sharing the best practical and smart tips to score higher in your GATE EC Examination.

Smart Tips to Score Higher in GATE EC Examination

Refer to the Official Syllabus: Since GATE EC Examination has a very vast syllabus consisting of both aptitude and technical syllabus, it is very important to keep track of your preparation. You should ensure that your preparation is in line with the official syllabus. Many candidates commit the mistake of studying randomly without referring to the GATE EC official syllabus and end up studying irrelevant topics and questions. Hence, get a complete overview of the GATE EC syllabus before digging deep into GATE EC preparation.

Practice previous year papers: In order to get a real understanding of the exam pattern of the GATE EC Examination, candidates are advised to solve at least 5-10 past year question papers of the GATE EC Examination. Previous year papers will help you a lot in analyzing the important topics, most scoring topics, most repeated question types, and the exam level of the GATE EC Examination. Moreover, it would give you an idea of how to approach your preparation to score higher in the examination. Hence, go through the GATE EC past years paper in depth.

Figure Out Difficult and Easy Topics: The examination level of the GATE EC examination is a tad difficult. The GATE EC Examination thoroughly checks your knowledge of your graduation course with technical questions from Networks, Signals, Analog Circuits, Electronic Devices, and other core subjects of your graduation degree. Hence, it is advisable to find out your weak topics from your core subjects and work on them. Moreover, you should try to make a balance between focusing on scoring topics and difficult topics. You can take the help of past year papers and mock tests to find out your strengths and weaknesses.

Follow a Comprehensive Study Plan: In the GATE Examination, hard work coupled with Smart Work is the only solution to success. Since the syllabus of the GATE EC Examination is very broad where you have to study both the engineering core subjects along with aptitude questions, it becomes extremely important to follow a pre-decided study plan. It is advisable for students to make a detailed study plan with the approximate time allocation to different topics and subjects based on their difficulty level. Also, ensure you allocate enough time for revision.

Choose Your Preparation Mentor Wisely: Your study material plays an important and decisive role in the final selection in the GATE EC Examination. Since the GATE questions are framed by the expert faculties of IITs, NITs, etc, they are highly conceptual in nature requiring strong fundamental basics of subjects. Hence, in case your basics are weak, it is advisable to choose your study material wisely. You can also opt for GATE EC Online Coaching for making your basics strong. Also, a good GATE EC Coaching can help you structure your preparation wisely by sharing key insights of the examination from their experienced faculties.

The GATE EC Examination can be the real career-maker for an engineering student. Hence, it is advisable to study hard with a smart approach and follow your study routine earnestly.

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