Program to mask the higher nibble of an 8-bit number

Q. Write an 8085 program and draw a flow chart to mask the higher nibble of an 8-bit number.(8085 Microprocessor Program)



Address Mnemonics Operand Opcode Comments
2000 LDA 3000H 3A Load H-L pair with data from 3000H.
2001 00
2002 30
2003 ANI 0FH E6 AND Immediate 0FH with reg. A.
2004 0F
2005 STA 3001H 32 Store the result at memory location 3001H.
2006 01
2007 30
2008 HLT 76 Halt


Before Execution:

3000H: 45H 

After Execution:

3001H: 05H

Program Explanation

  1. This program masks the higher nibble of an 8-bit number stored in memory location 3000H.
  2. Let us assume that the operand stored at memory location 3000H is 45H.
  3. The operand is moved to accumulator from memory location 3000H.
  4. Then, AND operation of 0FH is performed with the accumulator. This results in the masking of the higher nibble.
  5. The result is stored at memory location 3001H.

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