Measurement of Low, Medium & High Resistance

Resistance is classified into three categories for the sake of Measurement. Different categories of Resistance are measured by the different techniques. They are classified as

Low Resistance: Resistance having value 1Ω or below are kept under this category.

Medium Resistance: This category includes Resistance from 1Ω to 0.1 MΩ.

High Resistance: Resistance of the order of 0.1 MΩ and above is classified as High resistance.

The different methods used for the measurement of Low resistance are as follows:

  1. Kelvin’s Double bridge method
  2. Potentiometer method
  3. Ducter ohmmeter

The different methods used for the measurement of Medium resistance are as follows:

  1. Ammeter Voltmeter method
  2. Substitution Method
  3. Wheatstone Bridge Method
  4. Ohmmeter Method

The different methods used for the measurement of High resistance are as follows:

  1. Direct deflection method
  2. Loss of charge method
  3. Megohm bridge
  4. Meggar

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