Inductor MCQ | Inductance MCQ

61. The induced e.m.f. in a coil of 0.8 mH carrying 2A current and reversed in 0.4 seconds is

  1. 0.16 V
  2. 0.4 V
  3. 0.008 V
  4. 0.064 V
Answer. c

62. A coil of 150 turns is linked with a flux of 10 mWb when carrying a current of 10 A. The inductance of the coil is

  1. 1.5 H
  2. 15 H
  3. 0.15 H
  4. 15 mH
Answer. c

63. Inductance is the property to

  1. oppose the change in resistance
  2. oppose the change in frequency
  3. oppose the change in current
  4. oppose the change in voltage
Answer. c

64. Two coils with self-inductance 1 H and 2 H having a mutual inductance of 1 H between them carry currents of 2 A and \sqrt{2} A respectively. The total energy stored in the field, in joules, is

  1. 2(1+\sqrt{2})
  2. 2(2+\sqrt{2})
  3. 3(1+\sqrt{2})
  4. 3(2+\sqrt{2})
Answer. b

65. A 8 H choke is carrying a current of 500 mA. The energy supplied by inductor is

  1. 2 J
  2. 4 J
  3. 0.5 J
  4. 1 J
Answer. d

66. If λ is the flux linkage of a coil and I is the current through the coil then inductance of the coil is

  1. L = i2λ
  2. L = i/λ
  3. L = λ/i
  4. L = iλ
Answer. c

67. Linkage flux per unit current is called

  1. capacitance
  2. resistance
  3. inductance
  4. capacitive reactance
Answer. c

68. Is it possible to prevent by very fast operation of the switch the switching spark produce during switching off of an inductance?

  1. No, the faster the circuit is opened, the higher is the self-induced voltage.
  2. Yes, as long as the circuit is opened fast enough
  3. Yes, as long as the switch can withstand the high switching speed
  4. Yes, if the current is less than 50 A
Answer. a

69. Two coupled coils of L1 = 0.8 H and L2 = 0.2 H have a coupling coefficient k = 0.9. The mutual inductance M is

  1. 0.144 H
  2. 0.23 H
  3. 0.36 H
  4. 0.43 H
Answer. c

70. The classical analogous of a simple lever is

  1. capacitor bridge
  2. transformer
  3. mutual inductor
  4. none of these
Answer. c

71. Henry is the unit of measurement for which of the following properties?

  1. reactance
  2. capacitance
  3. resistance
  4. induction
Answer. d

72. The current passing through an inductor is 4A. The energy stored in the inductor of inductance 0.2 henry will be

  1. 0.8 J
  2. 8 J
  3. 1.6 J
  4. 0.16 J
Answer. c

73. An inductor stores energy in what form?

  1. electrostatic field
  2. electromagnetic field
  3. magnetic field
  4. core
Answer. c

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