Download AMU M.Tech(Electrical) First Semester Previous Year Question Papers [2010-2017]

Now you can download AMU M.Tech (Electrical)  First Semester Previous Year Papers easily on electricalvoice website.

For Branches:

Instrumentation & Control
Power System
High Voltage

Advanced Electrical Drives-I 2010-2011

Advanced Electrical Drives-I 2012-2013

Advanced Electrical Drives-I 2013-2014

Advanced Electrical Drives-I 2014-2015

Advanced Electrical Drives-I 2015-2016

Advanced Electrical Drives-I 2016-2017

Advanced Instrumentation 2010-2011

Advanced Instrumentation 2011-2012

Advanced Instrumentation 2012-2013

Advanced Instrumentation 2013-2014

Advanced Instrumentation 2014-2015

Advanced Instrumentation 2015-2016

Advanced Instrumentation 2016-2017

Advanced Power Electronics 2010-2011

Advanced Power Electronics 2011-2012

Advanced Power Electronics 2012-2013

Advanced Power Electronics 2013-2014

Advanced Power Electronics 2014-2015

Advanced Power Electronics 2015-2016

Advanced Power Electronics 2016-2017

Bio-signal processing 2013-2014

Bio-signal processing 2014-2015

Bio-Instrumentation 2015-2016

Bio-Instrumentation 2016-2017

Condition monitoring of power system apparatus 2013-2014

Condition monitoring of power system apparatus 2014-2015

Condition monitoring of power system apparatus 2015-2016

Condition monitoring of power system apparatus 2016-2017

Direct Energy Conversion 2014-2015

Direct Energy Conversion 2015-2016

Direct Energy Conversion 2016-2017

Fuzzy theory and applications 2010-2011

Fuzzy theory and applications 2011-2012

Soft Computing 2014-2015

Soft Computing 2015-2016

Soft Computing 2016-2017

High Voltage generation and measurement 2014-2015

High Voltage generation and measurement 2015-2016

High Voltage generation and measurement 2016-2017

Insulation systems 2010-2011

Insulation systems 2011-2012

Insulation systems 2012-2013

Insulation systems 2013-2014

Insulation systems 2014-2015

Mathematics 2010-2011

Mathematics 2011-2012

Mathematics 2012-2013

Mathematics 2013-2014

Mathematics 2014-2015

Mathematics 2015-2016

Mathematics 2016-2017

Network theory 2010-2011

Network theory 2011-2012

Network theory 2012-2013

Network theory 2014-2015

Optimal Control Systems 2009-2010

Optimal Control Systems 2010-2011

Optimal Control Systems 2011-2012

Optimal Control Systems 2012-2013

Optimal Control Systems 2013-2014

Optimal Control Systems 2014-2015

Optimal Control Systems 2015-2016

Optimal Control Systems 2016-2017

Power Apparatus and system modelling 2010-2011

Power Apparatus and system modelling 2011-2012

Power Apparatus and system modelling 2012-2013

Power Apparatus and system modelling 2013-2014

Power Apparatus and system modelling 2014-2015

Power Apparatus and system modelling 2015-2016

Power Apparatus and system modelling 2016-2017

Power System Analysis 2010-2011

Power System Analysis 2011-2012

Power System Analysis 2012-2013

Power System Analysis 2013-2014

Power System Analysis 2014-2015

Power System Analysis 2015-2016

Power System Analysis 2016-2017

Power System Monitoring 2012-2013

Process Instrumentation 2010-2011

Process Instrumentation 2011-2012

Process Instrumentation 2012-2013

Process Instrumentation 2013-2014

Process Instrumentation 2014-2015

Process Instrumentation 2015-2016

Process Instrumentation 2016-2017

Robust and Adaptive Control 2015-2016

Robust and Adaptive Control 2016-2017

Special Purpose Radar 2012-2013

Stochastic Process 2014-2015

Stochastic Process 2015-2016

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