Can Really Photocopying Kills a Book?

Can Really Photocopying Kills a Book

Do you want to know if it is really possible that Photocopying Kills a Book?


Yes. It is.

You might have bought a new book. If you have noticed carefully, there is a message written in the book like



Actually, photocopying does not harm any book in any way. It does not degrade its life practically.

So why do publishers write such message on a book?

In reality, it is a symbolic message. Its mean that if the book is photocopied, the publisher and the author would not be compensated for the work they have done in the book. Authors and Publishers make a living selling their books. The greater such photocopy and circulation will have an impact directly on the earnings of book publisher and author. The sale of the book will reduce and publisher/author have to suffer loss. Since a book is published after years of research and hard work. If a book is widely photocopied, then people will stop buying it. Slowly publishers stop printing books because of loss of revenue and books not being sold.So by photocopying a book will not give a proper reward for their efforts.

This is the reason why there is such kind of message written on the books.

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