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What is Magnetic flux density?

Magnetic flux density is defined as the number of magnetic lines of force passing normally through a unit area of a substance. It is denoted by B. The S.I. unit of magnetic flux density is Tesla (T). It is a vector quantity. The CGS unit of magnetic flux density is gauss (G). Consider a surface having area, A in the magnetic field having magnetic flux density, as shown in figure 1.

what is magnetic flux
Figure 1

Generally, magnetic flux is given by


= magnetic flux

B = magnetic flux density magnitude

A = area of surface

θ = angle between


Note: The direction of the vector

is always normal to the surface.

then B is given by

If Φ is the magnetic flux passing normally through a substance of area A then the magnetic flux density B is given by

since θ = 0°

what is magnetic flux

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