25 Most Popular Argumentative Essay Topics in 2021

You must be a very decisive person if you are to write an argumentative essay. It is a very responsible type of writing. An argumentative essay is about taking the position and presenting sound arguments to support the ideas. Your task consists of several major things. There should be clear research and in-depth analysis performed by the writer. If you’re assigned the task, it’s time to start working on it. With the help of www.affordablepapers.com, you will check out useful tips and learn interesting topics for your argumentative writing.

Argumentative Writing: The Specificity of the Task Explained

What’s it like to write an argumentative essay? You may think that it requires hours of research and tons of materials to be learned. In reality, you should develop your position on the topic by researching the information. Otherwise, you won’t be able to introduce your viewpoint to the readers. It won’t sound impressive. What problems do students usually face when writing the paper?

  • The structure of the task poses difficulties. It’s complicated to put your thoughts together when you are lost in the structure of the paper.
  • In many cases, students get questions about the relevance of their arguments. Do they sound trustworthy enough?
  • And one of the main things to be worried about is the choice of the topic. You can’t start writing the paper without a sound and up-to-date topic.

This article will focus on 2 main concerns that students may have often. The first is the overall structure of the paper. And the second is the choice of the topic.

A Good Paper Starts With the Structure

Why is it necessary to work on the structure? In many cases, students are concerned about the content of their work. But there should also be a great focus on the form of the paper. Reading is a visual activity. You may have perfect ideas revealed in the paper. But if you fail to structure them correctly, there’s no point in it. Let’s see what main structural components should be part of your essay writing. In general, an argumentative essay is written in the form of a 5-paragraph essay.

  • The first part is the introduction. You can find different ways of styling your introductory paragraph. But the main thing is to interest the reader. You need to convert the interest to the topic. The first part of the intro should contain a hook sentence. It will help you catch the reader. The second part should tell more about the topic and paper in general. What topics are you going to discuss? Make sure to finish the introduction part with a strong and sound thesis statement.
  • Body paragraphs come second. Here you need to suggest the arguments to the topic and back them up with examples. It is a responsible task. In every paragraph, you should focus on a single topic. Choose 2 or 3 main directions and develop them separately in each paragraph.
  • The final part is the conclusion. It’s time to sum up the things described in the previous parts. If you choose the right word constructions, you can persuade the reader and finally reach the goal of your writing process.

Whatever topic you choose, you should stick to this structure. In this case, you will reach the highest response from the audience.

How to Choose the Topic for an Argumentative Essay?

The choice of the topic is a very sensitive moment. There are lots of things that may raise interest in you. Your task is to choose the most interesting and relevant topic. Do you want to write about global warming? Make sure you know a lot about the issue and can suggest a new vision of the problem to the readers. Let’s see what topics you may work on within your papers.

  1. Who caused global warming processes?
  2. What should be said about the election process in the country?
  3. How fair is our tax system?
  4. What should be done to prevent the use of animals in different scientific research procedures?
  5. How dangerous are cell phones?
  6. Can we say that CCTV cameras invade our privacy a lot?
  7. Do managers get overpaid for their work?
  8. What are the highest moral standards we should stick to?
  9. Is the English language important these days?
  10. Do I need to recycle my things?
  11. Who is forbidden to vote?
  12. Should parents tolerate rage from their children?
  13. Who is more mean to each other: girls or boys? Why?
  14. How to make the taxation system more even?
  15. Do you need to study languages to be good at sports?
  16. How can good English help you with your career promotion?
  17. How many foreign languages should a person know?
  18. Can gun control prevent dangerous breakouts in schools?
  19. Why should governments legalize drugs?
  20. What’s the main problem with abortion?
  21. What should be the price of health care?
  22. How religious should our society be these days?
  23. What if a student is bored with their education?
  24. How to diversify the education system? Can it bring fruits?
  25. How should our society treat same-gender couples?

These are the simple yet informative topics to use in your paper. If you lack the ideas for the essays, these options should help you. Sometimes you find it difficult to work on the topic and develop a nice idea for the paper. In such cases, it’s better to look for extra inspiration. If you find something that you like a lot, you’ll feel good about the paper and the topic.

Final Thoughts

Writing can be hard sometimes. But it gets easier with the right approach to the process. If you set yourself in a productive mood and follow the structure, the process will be smooth. There’s no need to struggle with the paper. You can either work on your own or order cheap help from the online service. It will help you develop a nice project and impress the readers with your train of thought. Don’t hesitate to express your opinion. If you choose the right words, you can persuade anyone.

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