Exams and Quizzes – How useful are they?

Being tested is always stressful. It requires a lot of preparation, sleepless nights, and, of course, procrastination. You know that tests and exams are important, but because of the completely negative vibe and pressure of importance that they give, you start hating them and do not see the actual pros of them. Students should learn and, most importantly, see the value of the very tests. Here we will try to figure out why quizzes and exams are helpful.

Surely, it might be hard to juggle with all the tasks, work, hobbies, etc., and prepare for the term exams in advance, regularly when you have a ton of papers to write for your other courses. If you ever ask yourself, “How could I decrease the number of things to do” or “Who could do my college homework?”, remember that there are professional writing services that will do all the unpleasant work for you and write all the possible papers of high quality. You, in this case, will have enough time to prepare for exams or your intermediate quiz.

Yet, for you to make your job less tiresome, you should realize why the exams and quizzes are useful for your current education and your future life.

For starters, any kind of assessment helps to learn the information better. You prepare for exams or tests, refresh and solidify your knowledge. Thus, there is a great chance that you will revise not only just to pass the exam, but that eventually you will know the information and may be able to use it in practice.

Second, quizzes and tests help to improve your memory and learning abilities. Thus, you learn to learn for the rest of your life, which is a very useful skill, especially in our ever changing world.

Despite all those negative vibes that tests and exams might give, you should remember that their primary task is to evaluate what you learn. Simple quizzes after each topic you learned could show you in what questions you have some gaps and on what you need to concentrate more.

Motivation and engagement. Knowing that there is an exam ahead, you will feel how the classes and their attendance are crucial. Tests and quizzes can help students meet deadlines and encourage better results. Quizzes before a new topic are also helpful to motivate and even entertain. You will see what the topic is about and if a quiz is good, you will be curious to find out more about the topic. Thus, students can stay encouraged and engaged throughout the course.

However, for exams and quizzes to work, one should remember consistency. Repetition is very important in terms of better memorizing information. Moreover, by frequent preparation for tests, you are familiarized with different test/quizzes structure, get used to them, and get the advantage of studying hard for some final/entrance exams, since you would know their logic. Students who get accustomed to the tests and the stress involved have more chances of passing all the consequent tests in their lives more easily.

Tests and quizzes also provide feedback to your teachers so that they will know what material should be revised. They could help understand what education approach might be better to use in the future. Moreover, teachers having your feedback might try correcting quizzes making them more informative and versatile.

You should not underestimate the help of having exams and quizzes in increasing your curiosity to study. If you just do tests after some topic in a textbook, you might be confused with some questions and might want to go through pages to find the answer. The interest to find out answers might even make you look for more information on the Internet and do some deep research. This skill will be very useful in your future career for sure.

Last, one of the best advantages of tests and quizzes, especially if they are online, is that in classes you have more time for practice. To tick an answer, choose true/false does not take a lot of time and that means that students have more time for question discussion, group work, debates, and other activities that promote better learning in class.

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