MATLAB program for Resistance of the RTD

Write a MATLAB program which should include

  1. a prompt for entering the temperature
  2. finding out the resistance of the RTD (Resistance temperature detector) for the entered from the given data.
  3. performing linearization about the entered temperature point.


%Program Code for finding Resistance of the RTD
%provided by
clear all
Theta=input('Input the value of Temprature, Theta=');
if(Theta<=130 && Theta>=90)
R=1.1*Theta + 470
plot(Theta,R,'*');hold on;
plot(p,q,'+'); hold on;
grid on
xlabel('Temperature in Degree Celcius')
ylabel('Resistance in ohms')
title('Temp. Vs Resistance of RTD')
else disp('Theta is not in the range, please enter between 90 to 130')


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