How to write in LaTeX? Create first Document

In the previous article, we see how to install LaTeX. In this lesson, we will see how you create your first LaTeX document. The extension used for the LaTeX file is .tex. This file has two parts i.e. preamble and body.

Part-1: Preamble

The preamble contains information regarding document type, page formatting parameters (font size, paper size, etc.), additional LaTeX packages (if required), header setting, footer setting, etc. The preamble can start either with \documentclass{doctype} or \documentclass[po1,po2,…]{doctype}.

The doctype in {} represents the document type such as article, report, letter, book. For example,





The po1, po2,…. in [] represents the user defined formats for a document. These formats are font size, paper size, page orientation, columns of texts, type of printing, new chapter, title printing, equation, drafting and bibliography.

The standard font size options are

  • 10 pt (default)
  • 11 pt
  • 12 pt

The standard paper size options are

  • letterpaper (default)
  • a4paper
  • a5paper
  • b5paper
  • legalpaper
  • executivepaper

The standard page orientation options are

  • portrait (default)
  • landscape

The standard columns of texts options are

  • onecolumn (default)
  • twocolumn

The standard type of printing options are

  • oneside (default for report and article)
  • twoside (default for book)

The standard new chapter options are

  • openany
  • openright (default for book)

The standard title printing options are

  • titlepage
  • notitlepage

The standard equation options are

  • leqno
  • fleqn

The standard drafting options are

  • final (default)
  • draft

The standard bibliography option is

  • openbib

Part-2: Body

The second part is the body. The main content of your document is written in the body. It starts with the instruction \begin{document} and ends with the instruction \end{document}.

Let’s write our first LaTeX document. In this, we create a file having document class as article.

Welcome to

The output is

how to write in latex

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