Advantages & Limitations of Different Energy Storage Systems

In this article, we will compare different energy storage system in terms of their advantages & limitations. The comparison is given in the table.

S.No. Energy Storage System Advantages Limitations
1 Li-ion battery 1. It has a high specific energy

2. Light Weight

3. High Cycle life

1. Costly

2. Need Battery Management System

3. No establishes system for recycling

2 Flywheel 1. Longer lives than battery

2. No degradation of power

3. Non-inflammable

4. No daily cycling limitations

5. Full power over full SOC range

1. A danger of explosive shattering of the massive wheel due to overload, thus safety concerns.
3 Fuel Cell 1. Water is the only discharge 1.CO2 discharged with methanol reform

2. Technology currently expensive

3. Pure hydrogen is difficult to handle

4 Ultracapacitor 1.Comparatively quick response time.

2. specific power of 1000–2000 W/kg with 95% energy efficiency.

3. longest lifetime of almost 40 years

1. High self-discharge

2. High cost

3. Low energy density

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