Semiconductor MCQ

21. An electron device means the device in which the conduction of electrons takes place through

  1. Gas
  2. Vacuum
  3. A semiconductor
  4. A gas, semiconductor or vacuum
Answer. d

22. Epitaxial growth is best suited for growing

  1. Polycrystalline silicon
  2. Very thin single crystal layer on a substrate
  3. Single crystals several inches in size
  4. Single crystal of several mm in size
Answer. b

23. In an intrinsic semiconductor

  1. There are no holes in the material
  2. Number of holes is equal to the number of electrons
  3. Electrons in the material are more than holes
  4. There are no electrons in the material
Answer. b

24. A semiconductor has a band gap of 2 eV. The wavelength of radiation emitted from the semiconductor when electrons and holes recombine is

  1. 625 nm
  2. 625 μm
  3. 625 mm
  4. 625 cm
Answer. a

25. Leakage current in the silicon semiconductor is in the order of

  1. amps
  2. milli amps
  3. micro amps
  4. nano amps
Answer. d

26. Silicon has Z = 14, its outermost orbit is

  1. partially filled
  2. half filled
  3. completely occupied
  4. empty
Answer. b
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