7 Proximity Sensor Applications – You Should Know

A proximity sensor is one of the types of sensor. It is able to detect nearby objects without any physical contact. These sensors are commonly used in smartphones and tablets. There are several proximity sensor applications apart from smartphones or tablets.

In this article, we will see the different applications of proximity sensors in detail.

Proximity Sensor Applications with Explanation

1. Usage in Smartphones or mobile phones

Smartphones use proximity sensors to detect any nearby object. The nearby object may be your ear while you are talking to some by holding it in your face.

But have you ever thought why proximity sensor is used in mobile phones?

A proximity sensor is used in mobile phones because, firstly, it saves the power consumption by the mobile display by turning OFF the touch display while talking to someone. The second reason is that it avoids any unintended taps by body parts like cheek by turning OFF the touch display.

The proximity sensor is generally placed nearer to the earpiece of the smartphone or mobile phone.

2. Usage in Parking

Proximity sensors are generally used in road vehicle bumpers to detect any nearby obstacle while parking. Not all vehicles come with this sensor. Nowadays manufacturers launch new vehicles inbuilt with such sensors. It alerts the driver while parking their vehicle if something comes in close proximity with the vehicle. It is a wonderful usage of a proximity sensor.

3. Usage in Automatic faucet

These are touch-free or hands-free faucet that opens the valve to allow water flow in the presence of the user’s hands in close proximity. This faucet is equipped with a proximity sensor and mechanism that open or close the valve based on the presence of the user’s hands in close proximity.

This automatic faucet has several advantages such as reduction in wastage of water, reduce the transmission of disease-causing microbes, etc.

4. Usage in Automation

These sensors are widely used in automated production lines for detection, positining, inspecting and counting purposes. This system is used in manufcturing plants. It is also used in filling processes. They utilize proximity sensors for the above purposes. The whole system is automated. Hence no human interference is needed.

5. Usage in Security

One of the important proximity sensor applications is in security. It is used in system which detects object detection, landmines, armory, etc.

It is also used in surveillance, burglar alarms, etc.

6. Usage in Counter System

It is used in item counter system. When an object cuts the radiating light, it counts as one. Similarly, it counts as the number of objects passes.

7. Usage in Collision detection on robots

It is an interesting application of proximity sensor. It is used in robots to sense nearby obstacle and avoid hurting itself. These robots are now used for many purposes such as cleaning house, searving customers in restaurants, military work, toys, etc.

I hope these proximity sensor applications is useful for your knowledge and solve your query regarding proximity sensors. If you found other applications regarding these sensors, please don’t hesitate to write down in the comments below.

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