Properties of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas

Sulfur hexafluoride gas (SF6) properties are given below

  1. SF6 gas is Heavy, chemically inert, non-toxic
  2. SF6 gas has no poisonous effect on the human body but decomposition products are poisonous
  3. SF6 gas is Colourless and odourless
  4. It is gaseous at normal room temperature and pressure
  5. Density is about 6.6g/l at 20°C (5 times denser than air)
  6. Critical temperature is at 45.6°C and can be liquefied by compression
  7. Very good insulant with high dielectric strength
  8. SF6 gas is electronegative ( tends to attract the free electrons and has the arc quenching property). Because of this main reason SF6 gas is used for arc quenching and insulation medium in circuit breakers.
  9. The gas is highly stable
  10. Unlike solid insulation materials, electrical breakdown of SF6 gas does not result in permanent deterioration of its properties.
  11. Decomposition occurs on the exposure to the electric arc. (Disassociation products will be SF2 and SF4 lower order fluorides).

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