Electrical Conductivity Meter – Applications & Advantages

Electrical conductivity (E.C) is a parameter that affects our everyday lives whether we admit it or not. In fact, it affects our health and safety in a great way. If you’re wondering how, here’s the answer.

Many industries make use of electrical conductivity meters to ensure product quality and safety. Electrical engineers, for example, use these meters to test the resistance of materials mainly used in electrical supply and equipment. Additionally, chemical engineers use them to monitor water purity or water pollution. This in summary ensures your safety while working with electricity and that your water is free from contamination.

We’ll go through what is the best electrical conductivity meter in this blog post. How it is used for nondestructive testing, the applications that use electrical meters, and finally the advantages of using electrical conductivity meters.

What is Electrical Conductivity Meter?

An electrical conductivity meter is an instrument used for testing the electrical current in a material using the Eddy current principle. The ability of solutions, metals, or gasses to convey an electrical current is what is defined as conductivity.

Do you have an idea how an electrical conductivity meter works to measure electrical conductance? The answer is simple. A probe/coil with two electrodes, a positive electrode, and a negative electrode, is included with the equipment, during measurement, positive ions will flow to the negative electrode, whereas negative ions will flow to the positive electrodes. The drifting of ions causes a change in the voltage and because of this, a conductivity reading is achieved.

What is the Application of Electrical Conductivity Meter?

An electrical conductivity meter is commonly used in water and wastewater treatment facilities, breweries, food, and beverage production plants. In addition to this, they are also utilized in the industries of metal and electrical engineering.

There are many types of electrical conductivity meters in the market, each with its own strengths and weaknesses and it is important to consider the specific needs of the business when choosing an electrical conductivity meter. Some of the notable applications for electrical conductivity are;

1) Water quality monitoring. The uses of this instrument in water analysis cannot go unmentioned. It is used for doing water purity checks, water pollution surveys, water salinity checks, and wastewater treatment.

2) Used for checking the strength of materials hardened through heat treatment for the transport industry.

3) Checking conductivity of copper and aluminum in addition to other non-ferrous metals in industrial processes, particularly in electrical engineering.

4) For checking conductivity during the aluminum anodizing process in metal industries.

5) Corrosion and leakage monitoring.

What’s the Advantage of an Electrical Conductivity Meter?

Some of the notable advantages of using a conductivity meter for nondestructive material testing are;

1) It is versatile and can be used to check the quality of solids, gasses, and liquids.

2) High accuracy in measurement and gives stable and repeatable results.

3) Easy to use and portable, meaning it can be utilized both on the tabletop or in the field.

4) Simple to calibrate and easy to maintain.

5) Used in a wide range of pressure and temperature.


In summary, electrical conductivity measurements have a wide range of use in different industries and affect our day-to-day quality of life. E.C meters used for checking the electrical conductivity in materials are easy to use and give accurate results. They are used for testing the conductivity of metals in electrical applications and in water quality analysis in chemical plants.

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