Comparison between RAM and ROM

RAM stands for Random access memory

ROM stands for Read-only memory

Comparison between RAM and ROM

Parameters RAM ROM
1. Data storage Temporary. It vanishes when power is switched off. Permanent. Power failure does not affect data stored.
2. Data entry Data can be entered fast. No special program-writers are required. Special program-writers are required. So, data entry is normally slow. But this is being rectified.
3. Data read out Data is read-out at the same time it is entered. Data is read-out only after it is entered.
4. Repeatability of readout Once the data is erased, it cannot be recovered. Data is not erased; hence, it can be read out any number of times.
5. Erasability  Easily, erasable, very fast operation.  Not easily erasable, slower operation.
6. Packing density  Currently large Currently low
7. Static/dynamic operations Static and dynamic operation exist. Only static ROMs exist.
8. Use of memory Data entered in any computer is first stored in RAM. If the data is to be stored permanently, it will be saved in the hard disk.  This memory stores data of a permanent nature such as operating-system commands, look-up tables, etc. which are not stored in hard disk.

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