Cathode Ray Oscilloscope-CRO MCQ

21. The connecting probe in CRO causes

  1. loading
  2. distortion in the wave
  3. loading and distortion in the wave both
  4. None of these


Answer. b

22. Lissajous pattern can be used for determining

  1. Voltage amplitude
  2. Amplitude distortion
  3. Frequency distortion
  4. Phase shift

Answer. c

23. The delay line in CRO is placed after

  1. Horizontal Amplifier
  2. Vertical amplifier
  3. Trigger circuit
  4. Power supply

Answer. b

24. When two frequencies F1 & F2 are applied to the inductive vertical amplifiers respectively of a CRO, a “circle” is appeared on the CRT/CRO screen. With reference to the lissajous figures, the ratio of frequencies F1 and F2 is

  1. 2:1
  2. 1:2
  3. 1:1
  4. 3:1

Answer. c

25. A vertical for a CRO will be desinged for ……..

  1. only a high gain
  2. only a broad bandwidth
  3. a constant gain times bandwidth product
  4. all of these

Answer. c

26. The wave applied to X plates in a CRO, for obtaining trace of voltage wave, is

  1. sawtooth wave
  2. sinusoidal wave
  3. rectangular wave
  4. either (a) or (b)

Answer. a

27. An Acquadag is used in a CRO to collect

  1. Primary electrons
  2. Secondary emmission electrons
  3. Both
  4. None of these

Answer. b

28. Which one of the following statements correctly represents the post acceleration in cathode-ray tube?

  1. It provides deflection of the beam
  2. It incrcases the brightness of the trace if the signal frequency is higher than 10 MHz
  3. It accelerates the beam before deflection
  4. It increases the brightness of the trace of low frequency signal

Answer. b

29. The retrace is visible on CRO screen, this problem is because of

  1. Very high intensity
  2. Very high frequency is applied
  3. Accelerating voltage is too high
  4. Blanking control is not set properly

Answer. d

30. The calibration signal available from CRO is of the form

  1. Sinusoidal wave
  2. Square wave
  3. Sawtooth wave
  4. DC signal

Answer. c

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