Classification of Magnetic Materials

The magnetic materials are classified into 5 types Diamagnetic Material Paramagnetic Material Ferromagnetic Material Anti-ferromagnetic Material Ferri Magnetic Material 1. Diamagnetic Material These material have smaller and negative magnetic susceptibility. These material are repelled by applied magnetic field. The magnetic flux density inside diamagnetic material is zero. B = 0 µo[ H + M ] = … Read more

Magnetostriction & Villari Effect

Magnetostriction When a material (magnetic material) is magnetised, changes in dimension are generally observed.  This property of a magnetic material is called magnetostriction. There are three types of Magnetostriction Longitudinal Transverse Volume 1. Longitudinal Magnetostriction When a change in the dimension is in the direction of applied field. 2. Transverse Magnetostriction When a change in the dimension is perpendicular … Read more

Chemical Bonding

Chemical Bonding The binding forces between atoms or molecules are known as a chemical bond. There are two types of chemical bond. Primary Secondary Primary Bond These are the interatomic bond. These bond are having higher bond energy. Examples: Ionic, covalent and Metallic bond. Secondary Bond These are the intermolecular bond. These bond are having … Read more

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