Superposition Theorem | Applications & Limitations

Superposition Theorem Definition In any linear bi-directional circuit having more number of sources, the response in anyone of the elements is equal to an algebraic sum of the responses caused by individual sources while the rest of the sources are replaced by its internal resistance. OR In a network of linear impedances containing more than … Read more

Time-Varying & Time-Invariant Systems

Time-Invariant System The system is time invariant if the behaviour and characteristic of the system are fixed over time. In other words, a system is said to be time invariant if a time shift in the input signal causes an identical time shift in the output signal. It means that  for continuous time if x(t) → y(t), then x(t-to) → y(t-to) … Read more

Linear and Non-Linear Systems

Linear System A system is said to be linear if superposition principle is applicable to the system. Superposition Principle The response resulting from several input signals can be computed as the sum of the responses resulting from each input signal acting alone. Let x1(t) and x2(t) be the two inputs. The corresponding responses/output are y1(t) … Read more

Thevenin’s theorem | Applications

Thevenin’s theorem Definition In any linear bi-directional circuit having more number of elements, it can be replaced by a single equivalent circuit consisting of equivalent voltage (Thevenin equivalent voltage) in series with an equivalent resistance (Thevenin equivalent resistance). By using Thevenin’s theorem load current can be calculated either in linear or nonlinear load. Consider a … Read more

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