Mobile Substations | Advantages & Applications

Mobile Substations are emergency power supply substations employed temporarily to provide power supply in the areas affected by the natural disasters such as storms, cyclones and during wars. These substations will have a maximum rating of about 220kV.

Mobile Substation typically contains Trailer for the unit, Distribution Transformer, Cooling system for Transformers, Switchgear equipment (relays, circuit breakers, isolators etc.)

Advantages of Mobile Substation

  1. Mobility in service.
  2. Quick access to service.
  3. Less Maintenance cost.
  4. Minimum Clearance for utilization.
  5. Increase in Reliability.
  6. Maximum KVA with minimum height.

Application of Mobile Substations

  1. Mobile Substations are employed to provide emergency power supply during natural disasters and during wars.
  2. It also used to supply power when the ordinary conventional substation is under maintenance or fault.
  3. It also employed for providing temporary load supply to industrial plants, remote locations.


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