Measurement of Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation data are measured by 3 devices i.e.

  1. Pyranometer
  2. Pyrheliometer
  3. Sunshine Recorder

1. Pyranometer

Fig. Pyranometer
  • It is an instrument which is designed to measure Global radiation.
  • It can be placed on horizontal as well as on the inclined surface.
  • If Pyranometer is shaded by a shading ring, it measures the diffused radiation.
  • Shading ring prevents the beam radiation from reaching the sensing element in Pyranometer and hence measure only diffused radiation.

2. Pyrheliometer

Fig. Sunshine Recorder
  • It is an instrument that measures beam radiation.
  • It uses a long narrow tube to collect only beam radiation from the sun at normal incidence.

3. Sunshine Recorder

Fig. Sunshine Recorder
  • It is an instrument that measures the sunshine hours in a day at a given location.
  • It is called as heliograph.
  • The results collected from the sunshine recorder provide information about the weather and climate as well as the temperature of that location.

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