Distribution & Power Transformers

Distribution Transformers

  • It is used to step down the distribution voltage to a level suitable for utilisation purposes at the consumer’s premises.
  • Distribution Transformer has its secondary terminals directly connected to the consumer’s terminal.
  • They remain in operation all the 24 hours a day.
  • Distribution Transformers have good voltage regulation.
  • Distribution Transformers have a small value of leakage reactance.
  • They are designed to have a very low value of core loss.
Distribution Transformer

Power Transformers

  • They are used in generating stations or substations.
  • It is used for step up or step down the voltage level.
  • Power Transformer secondary terminals do not directly connect to the consumer’s terminal.
  • They do not remain in operation all the 24 hours a day. They operated during load periods and disconnected during light load periods.
  • Power Transformers have maximum efficiency at or near full load.
  • Power Transformers have greater leakage reactance.
Power Transformer

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