Difference between Primary and Secondary Data

Data is primarily of two types i.e. primary data and secondary data. In this article, we will see the main difference between primary and secondary data.

Primary Data Secondary Data
Primary Data is original in character. Secondary Data is not original.
The collection of this type of data is expensive. The collection of this type of data is less expensive.
Primary Data is adequate and suitable. Secondary Data need not be ample and apposite.
This data is originally collected by the investigator. It is available in available sources.
The collection time of primary data is long. The collection time of secondary data is short.
It is real-time data. It is past data.
This data is specific to the researcher’s requirements. This data may or may not be specific to the researcher’s requirement.
The data is available in crude form. The data is available in refined form.
The accuracy and reliability of data are more. The accuracy and reliability of data are less.
The sources of primary data are personal interviews, questionnaires, experiments, observations, surveys, etc. The sources of secondary data are books, websites, journal articles, government publications, etc.

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