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What is Electrical Fault? Types, Causes & Effects

An electrical fault is a condition which can cause equipment failures (in transformers, transmission lines, alternators, busbars, etc.) and disturbs the normal working of the system. The faults can also lead to the death of humans, birds and animals along with equipment failure and electric power supply interruption. Insulation failure and conducting path failures are … Read more

Power System Protection | Components

Power System Protection is a branch of electrical engineering that deals with the protection of electrical equipment (or component) in a power system network by removing the faulty part. In a power system, there are various equipments such as alternators, busbar, transmission line, transformers, etc. connected in between the generation side and distribution side. All … Read more

What is Wave trap or Line trap?

Wave trap is a device which prevents the high-frequency carrier signals to enter the substation side. It is also known as line trap. It is connected in series with the transmission line. It is designed to carry the rated power frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz) current, as well as to withstand the substation fault … Read more

Fuses | Characteristics, Applications & Types of Fuses

Fuse was patented by Thomas Edison in 1890. Fuse is the simplest & cheapest device used for interrupting an electrical circuit under short circuit or excessive. The fuse element is generally made of materials having low melting point, high conductivity and least deterioration due to oxidation e.g., silver, copper etc. Definition of fuse It is … Read more

Circuit Breakers

Question: What is a Circuit Breaker? Answer. Circuit Breaker is a mechanical device designed to close or open contact members, thus closing or opening an electrical circuit under the normal or abnormal conditions. Question: How does a Circuit Breaker different from Switch? Answer. A switch is just a device when can be able to open and close … Read more

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