5 Essential machine learning practices every data scientist should know

Aspiring data scientists aiming to excel in their field must acquire a solid foundation in key machine learning practices. In the era of rapidly advancing technology, these practices are essential for leveraging the power of data-driven decision-making. Five indispensable practices that empower data scientists are data preprocessing, model selection and evaluation, feature engineering, hyperparameter tuning, … Read more

Impact of Data Science on today’s world

Data Science has a seismic effect on today’s world. It affected nearly every aspect of our life and even our social fabric. It has transformed our society in every way and is transforming even more with each day. Businesses have greatly benefitted by implementing Data Science in their operations. If you are interested in learning … Read more

What is Data Mining? Applications

Data mining is a process of filtering all the unwanted information and noise from the set of data points and make it useful for further processing. With the advent of the Internet of things and cloud, smart devices are able to generate a magnanimous amount of data. But all these overflooded data does not mean … Read more

What is Data Science? Applications

Data Science is the science of analyzing raw data using statistics and machine learning techniques with the purpose of drawing insights from the data. In simple words, Data Science is the process of using data to find solutions/to predict outcomes for a problem statement. It is an interdisciplinary field that combines techniques and processes from … Read more