Bridges MCQs | AC Bridges MCQs

41. In ac bridges, the Wagner earth devices are used to

  1. Remove all the earth capacitances from the bridge circuit
  2. Remove harmonics
  3. Reduce error caused by stray electric field
  4. All of these

Answer. d

42. For the measurement of unknown inductance in terms of known capacitance, the suitable ac bridges are

  1. Maxwell and Schering bridge
  2. Maxwell and Wien’s bridge
  3. Maxwell and hay’s bridge
  4. Hay’s and Wien’s bridge

Answer. c

43. The Wien’s bridge is suitable for the measurement of the frequency of the range of

  1. Less than 100 Hz
  2. 100 Hz to 100 kHz
  3. 1 kHz to 100 MHz
  4. More than 100 MHz

Answer. b

44. The Ac Bridge which is used for the measurement of frequency is

  1. Schering bridge
  2. Wien bridge
  3. Hay’s bridge
  4. Anderson bridge

Answer. b

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