Control System | Assertion/Reason Questions

Choose the correct option for the following control system assertion & reason questions.

  1. Both A and B are true and B is a correct explanation of A
  2. Both A and B are true but B is not a correct explanation of A
  3. A is true but B is false
  4. A is false but B is true

Q. (A): Signal flow graphs can be used for block diagram reduction of linear control system.

(B): Signal flow graph is a graphical representation for the variables representing the outputs of the various blocks of the control system.


Q. (A): Tachogenerator feedback is used as minor loop feedback in position control systems to improve stability.

(B): Tachogenerator provides velocity feedback which decreases the damping in the system.


Q. (A): The state transition matrix represents the free response of the system.

(B): The state transition matrix satisfies the homogeneous state equation.


Q. (A): If the impulse response of a network is available, the response to any arbitrary input can be derived.

(B): The laplace transform of unit impulse is unity.


Q. (A): Process industry applications should ideally be tuned for critical damping.

(B): Critically damped response has no oscillations in the output.


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