Causes of Inrush Currents in Transformers

When a transformer is energized after a short interruption, the transformer may draw high inrush currents from the system due to core magnetization being out of synch with the voltage. The inrush currents will be as high as short-circuit currents in the transformer (almost 20 to 40 times the rated normal full load current of … Read more

Essential Parts of DC Machine

DC machine whether it is motor or generator will have four essential parts. They are Field System Armature Commutator Brush and Brush gear 1. Field System The objective of field system in DC machine is to provide uniform magnetic field, within which armature rotates. For small rating motors permanent magnets are used and for large … Read more

DC Motors Advantages & Disadvantages Over AC motors

AC power has become popular and advantageous because of easy generation, transmission with fewer losses to long distances due to stepping up voltage and stepping down the voltage to the desired level. In Industries 70% of the motors and drives used are Induction motors, hence ac motors in general means induction motors. Induction motors were … Read more

DC Motor Braking Methods

Braking in DC motor is employed to make the dc motor to halt from operating condition by applying a brake. It is to be considered that significant difference exists between the words ‘braking’ and ‘breaking’, should not get confused. In dc motors we apply the brake to make the dc motor halt. Different braking methods … Read more

DC Series Motor Advantages & Disadvantages

In DC series motor field coils or winding will be in series with the armature winding. The conductor size of the field winding will be having a thick wire (large cross section) with lesser turns. Advantages of DC Series Motors The main application where series motors are best suited is for traction applications. The torque … Read more

DC Motor Applications in Industries

In spite of the wide use of AC supply, DC machines have some advantages compared to ac motors and are used in industries for some applications. Some of the DC Motor Applications in Industries are listed below. Applications of DC Series Motor DC series motors are widely used for electrical traction applications, i.e, these motors … Read more

Eddy Current

We have seen that whenever the flux, linking with a closed electric circuit changes, an EMF has induced in the circuit and a current flow, the value of which depends on the emf around the circuit and the resistance of the circuit. It is not necessary that the circuit be a wire and that the … Read more

Why is transformer rated in kVA and not in kW?

The power rating of a transformer or any electric machines indicates the maximum value of voltage and current it can carry without over-heating. Power = Voltage(V) × Current(A) × Power factor As transformer is considered as a power source while the induction motor is considered as a load. Manufacturers of Transformers cannot predict the power … Read more

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